Mascot open-armed

Mascot personification

Opening date
Time Details

For occasional events

You need to be available a few hours per events (between 1 and 6 hours)

You will only do 10 to 15 minutes personification in a row, just the time to go see the children and take pictures.



At CNIB's office, 2085 Parthenais, Montréal, H2K 3T1 or for special events

Location Details
Community Location
Position Description

Wear the beautiful costume of Carot, the mascot and come have fun with the CNIB-Québec team.

You will need to reach out to people, shake their hand, hug them and strike a pose for the camera.




Benefit of position

Thanks to you, adults and children will have fun. You will bring an enormous added value to our event, while helping us to increase our visibility.

You will get involved in a playful way for the cause of blind people.

You can practice or develop your abilities to entertain and personify.



Qualities, Skills and Training

-    Being full of energy, enthusiastic, and enjoy reaching out to people. 
-    Ideal height and weight to wear the costume proudly  : between 5’10’’ and 6’2’’, between about 170 to 200 pounds .

Position Commitment
Special Event
Application and contact information

 If you are interested by this volunteer position, you can fill the online form or Sarah Rouleau :

1-800-465-4622 extension 233

Contact email