A family of four sitting on a couch, watching TV.

The case for described video

For Canadians who are blind or partially sighted, described video is not just a way to access entertainment. It levels the societal playing field by allowing everyone to enjoy popular culture. The CRTC is trying to mandate described video during prime time, and some broadcasters are pushing back and seeking exemption.

Let them know you support described video!

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A family of four sitting on a couch, watching TV.

Tele-Townhall with Bell, Corus and Rogers

Bell, Corus and Rogers will be hosting a tele-townhall to discuss upcoming changes to described video on your television this September.

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Allison smiling talking with other

Winning a CNIB scholarship change what is to be blind

Winning this scholarship changes what it means to me to be blind in many ways. Here the testimonial of Allison.

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A yellow lightbulb with a dollar sign placed over it.

Download our new app, The Venture Zone Game!

The Venture Zone Game is a new app that provides Canadians with an accessible, fun and risk-free way to gain entrepreneurial experience – regardless of their sight.

The game allows players to create and name their own company, select products to sell based on three price points, and raise virtual cash with seed funding, a bank loan or friends and family.

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a woman facilitating a support group

CNIB is there for people living with sight loss and their family

We offer you knowledge, skills, and confidence to smash barriers in pursuit of the life you choose.

Discover upoming events and services

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Volunteer Opportunities

CNIB Ambassador

thanks to his experience, knowledge and passion, the Ambassador informs the public of the realities linked with vision loss ,communicate his story in a personal and relevant way and represent CNIB and our clients during events and for different audiences.

Volunteer for CNIB Ambassador

Mascot personification

Wear the magnificent costume of Carot the mascot, and come have fun with CNIB Quebec team.

Volunteer for Mascot personification